Introduction to Nonhuman Identity
Different Subcultures


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This is a collection of published work on nonhuman/alter-human identities.

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We Are Among You Already: True Stories of Star Beings on Earth
By The Faquian Council (Anthology)
Non-Fiction, Starseed Community, Personal Accounts
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Shifting Hearts
Fiction, Otherkin/Therian Communities, Short-Story Romances
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Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America
by Linda S. Godfrey
Non-Fiction, Community Unclear
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"This book is mostly a compilatin of personal accounts and folk-lore regarding canine-like cryptids, not nonhuman people. There is a breif section that comments on people who identify as nonhuman, but the author seems to have these therian/otherkin communities confused with the furry community."-Lucheek